Latimer County’s unemployment rate is over 6% -- triple the statewide average. To protect jobs and create new opportunities here at home, we need leaders who will make better decisions in Oklahoma City. Oklahoma has much to offer with abundant natural resources and a determined workforce. Sadly, big government policies throw up roadblocks for our small businesses and family farms, meaning local job creators must work harder to keep the lights on and provide family-supporting job opportunities. As a farmer and small business owner, I reject the idea that the solution for growing our economy is “more government.” Instead, I’ll work to get government out of the way of the hardworking Oklahomans who form the cornerstone of our local economy and hold the keys to lasting economic growth and prosperity.


Rural roads and bridges are crumbling in Oklahoma, making our roads less safe, slowing down travel, and hurting our economy. At the same time, our water districts are stretched beyond capacity. It’s past time to address our infrastructure issues for the sake of our families, our farmers, and our small businesses. Because investing in infrastructure improvements isn’t just about convenience, it’s about building a better future for rural Oklahoma.

Taxes and Spending

When our families and small businesses hit tough times, we cut back to make ends meet. When government runs out of money, politicians raise our taxes instead of reducing spending. We need leaders committed to eliminating waste from the state budget in order to fund essential services without passing tax increases on to hardworking Oklahomans.


Our public education system prepares our children for future success in the career of their choice. Properly funding education will ensure that our children are instructed by good teachers in classroom environments that promote and encourage learning. When we invest in a child’s education, we are saying that the future of our communities is important to us, and that growing our economy by preparing future workers, farmers and business leaders is a top priority.